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Mystery Box!

$ 25.00

 Get a mystery box of our empowering products at a steal!

Choose from getting a clean box (no cuss words) semi-clean (shit is ok) or a full on box (all words are okay!)

Some products will be brand new that I am wanting to clear out inventory of.
Some products may have slight imperfections such as:

  • a mug that was printed off center
  • a mug with a small gold splotch or small bit of ink scuffed
  • a keychain that engraving wasn't perfectly centered
  • a keychain that has slight scratches on it
  • white magnet that has a scuff on it or slightly bent corner
  • an unopened affirmation deck with scuffs on the cover of box

In this round of mystery boxes, depending on your word choice preference, you will likely find an art print, a mug, a keychain or magnet, a journal and/or notepad, or an affirmation deck with some other surprise possibilities!

***extra discount codes won't apply to these but will apply to anything else in your cart!**

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