Claim YOUR JOY every single day.

I choose - Insulated Tumbler **LIMITED AVAILABILITY**

$ 34.00

You get to choose how you want to you feel in each moment. 

Sure, life throws things at us.  You may have a lot of commitments, you may be stuck in traffic, but you can still choose how you want to feel!

Choose ease, choose peace, choose gratitude, choose joy.

Choose how you want to feel and let this mug be your reminder that you CAN do that.  

All mugs will look like the first photo, but on the color of mug that you choose!

Design is laser engraved into the stainless steel mug, so it will never come off.

Each 24 ounce tumbler comes with two BPA-free straws, an internally threaded Straw Lid and a Flip Lid. The Straw Lid provides a splash-proof seal and an easy drinking experience, while the leak-proof Flip Lid is perfect for sipping hot beverages.
Made from stainless steel with double walls and vacuum-sealed insulation, the Classic Simple Modern tumbler will impress you with its durability. 

Fits perfectly in most cupholders, and the exterior will never sweat. So say goodbye to coasters and getting yelled at by Grandma for getting water rings on her antique table.

The 24oz tumbler is 2.8 inches wide at the base; 8 inches tall, weighs 11.2oz; keeps drinks cold for 18 hours and drinks hot for 4 hours.

Hand wash only. 
**Discount codes do not work on this item due to the high cost of manufacturing, you can still use codes on orders containing this product and all other items will be discounted**

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