I Already Have Tote Bag - Imperfect

$ 8.00 $ 22.00

These are tote bags that have slight imperfections, so I do not want to sell them at full price.  

Examples of imperfections are:

  • Screen printing of text is not perfect.  These are things you may not notice.  There are no missing letters or anything blurred. Just minor things like a spot where the black ink did not stick. 
  • A bit of the handle has a string or many pulled out.  The handle is still full size and usually just has a bit of a fray to it or even one string that was loose and had to be cut free
  • A smudge of dirt! Which can likely be cleaned off.  Dirt likely came from moving the totes around when I sold out in public or just in moving inventory.  
  • The gold foil not being solid.  One or two bags have a spot where the foil specked off a small bit.  

These are just a few examples. I snapped a few photos to show what I am talking about.  You may have to look hard! I had to do triple takes on many of these!


100% Cotton Tote Bag with Black and Gold Foil.  That's right gold foil on a tote bag!


18 inches wide x 16 inches long x 4 deep.  Shoulder straps have 10 inch drop. 

Made with high quality, heavyweight cotton with a gusseted bottom. 

Machine washable.  Hang to Dry. 


A reminder that works a few ways.  

Everything that you need and desire is within you.  You want love? You are love.  You want abundance? You are abundant.  You want to be fulfilled.  You are fulfilled.  Everything can be found within you. 

Life doesn't work in a "I'll be happy when...."  There will always be something else to chase.  It is not I will be happy when I am in a relationship, have this job, live here, have a baby, etc. etc. etc.  Find joy, find contentment, find peace with where you are right now.  

Keep dreaming and working on your goals, but remember to enjoy the now and love yourself in it, because it is what is happening now. 


Also, works as a reminder that you have everything you need materially...yes so you would buy a tote bag to remind you that you don't need to buy anything else.  HA!



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