Claim YOUR JOY every single day.
Life is FULL. And often we don't make the time to look at all of the pieces of our lives and see what brings us joy, what habits we want to stop, what no longer serves us and more.

We are inundated with information on everything these days, including ways to take care of ourselves. But not everything works for everyone. Just because you see others benefit and swear by a certain way of eating, fitness, self care, etc it doesn't mean it is for you. In these 31 days I will invite you to look at all sorts of things in your life to help you truly be connected to YOU.

Every day for 31 days you will get an email from me direct to your inbox with one thing to focus on and explore that day.

Don't worry these emails won't be too lengthy and the topic for the day won't be too time consuming. I want you to actually participate in the 31 days and not be overwhelmed with the program!

Topics will cover a vast array of mind, body, spirit, goals, home, relationships, simplifying and more!

I want you to truly be connected to you so that you can trust your gut and make the most of this life, YOUR life.

Besides the 31 emails you will also be invited to a Private Facebook Group to get support from me and others who are doing or have done the program.
What do you say?!

Are you ready to make this the year you truly connect to you?
The year you listen to your intuition fully?
The year that you create habits that serve you
and let go of ALL that does not?
The year that you see your worth, and own it?
The year that join a truly supportive, non judgmental community that will have your back no matter what?!

What people are saying about I am connected to me...

I was excited to start the New Year with Tricia's Connected to You program. I looked at it as a daily challenge and commitment to read the emails and try to apply the lessons and ideas that were given to my own daily routine. I liked being able to share what I was learning with my co-workers, friends and family. My favorite lessons were on nutrition, exercise and organization. I looked forward every morning to reading the emails and checking the FB page for comments. It's like being in a secret club :-). I would most definitely do it again!! - Jeanne
An enjoyable program that really gets you thinking about simple ways to change your life. I looked forward to the emails every morning and have incorporated many of the suggestions on a regular basis. I would recommend this to like-minded friends looking for some inspiration and motivation.
Thank you, Tricia! You helped me realize and practice that I have the power to feel good about my life and me in simple, easy ways. Thank you! Carrie B. (Mom of twins, wife, and teacher)
I had fun and learned a lot about what kinds of things I hang on to that don't serve me well.
The I am connected to me program was a wonderful month of activities devoted to care for many aspects of my life! Being in the group connected me not only with myself but also with a great group of like-minded women that had a wide variety of experiences and perspectives to share and I really missed the group and the emails after our month together. Participating in this program in January was a great way to kick off the new year. - Melissa