About Us

Hi!  I am Tricia, aka Your Joyologist.


I believe in truly living a life that I love and loving my life, day in and day out. No matter what is happening. 

For as long as I can remember I have been committed to living my life, my way and not being stuck in the "what will everyone think about me, say about me" world.  Which is definitely challenging, but worth it. 

I struggled with undiagnosed pain and medical problems all of my life and because I was in so much physical pain chose to not put myself through any unnecessary mental pain.  I chose to live my life from my heart even when it felt like no one believed in me or loved me (they did, but you know our minds tell us crazy things). 

My joyology fully came to life after living out my first big dream of being a touring concert sound engineer.  I was touring the world with Grammy Award winning artists and got to see first hand that even these people that are living out the biggest dreams every, are incredibly successful, that on the outside have everything are not always happy, inspired, motivated to go on stage every night and be their dreams. 


I saw that we ALL need DAILY INSPIRATION to truly live a life that we love. 


So, I created a new position for myself on tour as a Joyologist, keeping the artists healthy in body and mind.  I then started coaching people around the world via my website and spreading inspiration via social media and now have created this awesome, inspiring merchandise line, to bring my inspiration into your homes!


My passion and goal in life is to truly inspire you to own who YOU are. LOVE who you are. Live YOUR life. Love Your Life.


For more about me + for coaching services head over to www.yourjoyologist.com