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I Am Affirmation - Glass Mug with Candle

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Get our new best selling mug with a hand poured all natural unscented soy candle inside!

Enjoy the candle while it burns then freeze it to get residual wax out, wash and use as your new favorite mug!

Mug is 13 ounces.  Candle is 11 ounces. 
Burn time is 60-65 hours.

Different set of affirmations on either side.

Perfect glass for all of your hot and cold beverages!

Glass mug with 22K gold imprint.


"I am" is a simple but powerful phrase that amplifies whatever words are behind it.
 Our words are powerful!  
Empower yourself by reminding yourself that you are all of this and more.  

Affirmations work, if you work them.  Let this mug be your constant reminder and inspiration. 


Want the mug ready to use without candle? Buy it here! 


Not recommended for dishwasher or microwave.   In order to keep the design in tact be mindful when washing.  Do not scrub the design with a brush only the soft side of a sponge or a washcloth  it is 22K gold.


Ships 1-4 days from order date. 

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