Claim YOUR JOY every single day.

I CHOOSE - Water Bottle

$ 32.00

You get to choose you feel in each moment. 

Sure, life throws things at us.  You may have a lot of commitments, you may be stuck in traffic, but you can still choose how you want to feel!

Choose ease, choose peace, choose gratitude, choose joy.

Choose how you want to feel and let this mug be your reminder that you CAN do that.  

The deets:

  • 24 ounce
  • fits in most cupholders and never sweats
  • double wall stainless steel with vacuum sealed insulation
  • cold drinks stay cold for 24 hours!
  • hot drinks stay hot for 12 hours!
  • straw lid twists on and off easily
  • straw spout folds down to prevent spills
  • lid has a small handle that makes it convenient to carry or clip to a bag
  • design is laser engraved into the bottle so it will never come off

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